Got code?

Sure you do. Lots and lots of code. And tests...not so much? Not enough?

So you know you need more tests, because everyone needs more tests... but how are you supposed to know which parts of your code to test next?

Easy: ggcov tells you which parts of your software are well tested, and which parts...need a little lovin'. ggcov is a set of tools for exploring test coverage data produced by C and C++ programs compiled with gcc --coverage. So it's basically a replacement for the gcov program that comes with gcc. ggcov has a tool for your workflow.


Got Desktop?

ggcov has a Gnome GUI for exploring test coverage with visualisations.

See the pics


Got Web?

ggcov has a web interface which provides much of the functionality of the Gnome GUI.

Try it out


Got Terminal?

ggcov has a commandline interface, useful for Continuous Integration.

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